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DENIM a legendary, versatile and durable textile that has taken all the catwalks of the world, it is not surprising this spring and summer 2016 season, evolving with processes, finishes, and details of clothing very personalized, we find jeans in dark tones and Means, broken at the knees, intervened by each person with crafts, threads and paintings to put his own seal and wear the ideal jean.

With the arrival of summer, vacations arrive and we find that DENIM fits perfectly to our plans, they are the best option, we can take it not only as jeans but also in top garments such as blouses, short and long dresses in very soft Denim that offers Freshness, comfort, and elegance whether you’re in town, in a restaurant, in the country or on the beach.

We all know that there is nothing better than a perfect jean, and present this season in jogger silhouettes providing greater comfort and versatility with striking, broken and tied processes and wear with dark tones and dark blues.

Find in PINK STAR these fantastic Denim jogger in different styles and designs and enjoy your comfort and comfort.

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