faja de colombia


The Pink Star girdles are made of intelligent fabrics that contain Vitamin E capsules that help moisturizing the skin and cotton that facilitates the complete absorption of humidity which avoids perspiration.  These special features will make possible to wear the girdle at any time, even under the highest temperatures.

What is the Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is present in different amounts in plants, fruits and dried fruits; it is a common ingredient in creams and it has shown that can substantially help to reduce scars in wounds and occurrence of strech marks.


Faja vitamina E

Features vitamin E

It protects skin from premature ageing since it provides oxygen for the organism.

After contact with skin, the active ingredient is released offering properties of softener and cellular regeneration.

It helps the cellular renewal process and furthers the collagen formation.

Even though fragance disppears after the first launderings, the benefits of the finishing remain.


High Compression

As we know well that success on plastic surgerys strongly depends on the use of a high compression girdle, our company has deigned different girdles that djust to each need to be with you in that life’s great moment.


FAja Lycra

The benefit of the LYCRA BEAUTY fabrics

The LYCRA BEAUTY fabrics have been designed to improve the effectiveness of control garments and thus extend the variety of options available for women betting on this secret benefit.

LYCRA BEAUTY fabrics are an added value to the underwear that offers what you really want…  enhancement effects, softness, comfort, style and confidence.

The collection of LYCRA BEAUTY fabrics is the basis of control garments. It’s wide range offers an extensive versatility, with effects ranging from the highest control to the slightest enhancement, as well as an esthetics from a modest and elegant one to latest fashion designs.


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